Airplane Shaped Customized



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Short Description


Here is another funny-shaped USB stick here. As usual, there is nothing really special about the device, it's all about the shaped. You have got a USB drive looking like an airplane, then you are making a statement about yourself and about the way you percieve life and stuff. In other words, you don't take it really seriously. With material of PVC, the plane shape is not the most ergonomic ever, but at least all of its corners and edges have been smoothed, so you don't get stung by some part of the fuselage while bumping into someone. While not as tiny as other USB drive, this one is small enough to be carried.


If this little fellow caught your fancy, or if you are an airplane pilot, then feel free to look it up. The processed rubber makes the incredible stick-proof and shock resistant. So you can safely go with this stick on the road.

Request Capacity 8gb , 16gb, and 32gb
 Payment terms: T/T
 Capacity: 4Gb
Available colors: Customized
 Imprint Method:  
 Dimension(mm): 70*30*30mm
 Weight(g): 40g
 Packaging: Tin  Box
 Casing Material: Rubber ( PVC )
 Minimum Order: 100pcs
 Production Time: 20-25 working days
 Warrantly: 12 months
 Free Shipping
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australian